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Question about rtg displaying graphics
Here it is.
I simply cut this from AmegaOne src. I hope you see how this works.

Select enemyID
EnemyL()\img = #IMG_TANK1
EnemyL()\frame = 0
EnemyL()\width = image_GetWidth {imgA(EnemyL()\img)} / 16 ;16 is the number of animframes
EnemyL()\height = image_GetHeight{imgA(EnemyL()\img)}


ResetList EnemyL()
While NextItem(EnemyL())
x.l = Int(EnemyL()\x)-\mapPosX-EnemyL()\width/2
y.l = Int(EnemyL()\y)-\mapPosY-EnemyL()\height/2

what it does is:
the gfx of an enemy in this case is one wide spritesheet with all frames after each other.
the width of each frame is Getwidth{...} / numframes.
later, when blitting, the actual frame gets picked with
SetBlitDims{imageid, framewidth * frame,...}
so that the frame is a multiplier to set the x-offset inside the wide spritesheet.

Is that easy to understand? i hope it is. Wink

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