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Problem getting the collision detection to work correctly...
I do not want you to fix it for me at fact...all I want is that you execute it...and find the fault..just tell me with your own word the logic mistake I have made. Because usually it is something very silly but I am unable to see it..and a third eye will see the mistake. Do not fix it for me..just point me in the direction saying you have problem with say array declaration for example..that's it. Then I know where I will start tackling the situation.

Thank you for pointing out my structured that is something I did not realize and you pointed that out to me. I will work on making it more structured.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! Big Grin Remember this is all junior work for me...I am learning things...and I want all my mistakes here so that I learned them ones and never repeat them again in my future project. This way it will become like writing a story when it comes to coding a game...all what would be left for me is my imagination and the story I of right now...I am having problem with grammar, syntax, logic, etc...i.e...this is where I am facing in my code Big Grin

Yes I know programming...but I have never tackled full blown game development in an old hardware this is all new to me.


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